Welcome to the online home of Central Presbyterian Church! We’re glad you’ve found us!

Who are we? We’re people who are excited about God, excited about our life together, and excited about being part of the greatest thing happening in the whole world, namely, the Kingdom of God.

You can learn a lot about Central Presbyterian Church (’CPC’ is the abbreviation many of us use) on this site. But more important than knowing about us is knowing God personally.

There is a God. God loves you. The Father sent his only and eternal Son, Jesus Christ, so that we could know the heart of God, be forgiven for our sins, and enjoy daily and eternal fellowship with God. Whoever you are, God loves you. Whatever you need, God can provide. However hopeless things look, God has a way. And God is more eager to be part of your life than you or I know.

In addition, God has a part for you to play in his Kingdom. It may not be a noisy or even visible part. No matter - it’s all important. And it’s the greatest privilege, and the greatest joy, on earth. To enjoy and serve the Lord is what we’ve been made for.

May God help you and bless you in your own spiritual search and growth. Please contact us if we can encourage your relationship with Jesus Christ. And, of course, if you’re in or near Merced, CA (the “Gateway to Yosemite”) please join us for Sunday worship at 8:30, 9:50, or 11:00. There will be a place for you!