Start a Relationship with God

We believe all human beings were created for an intimate and loving relationship with God.


From the beginning, we believe that all people have been beautifully and uniquely crafted by God so that we may perfectly reflect His image to the world. As the Bible puts it, body and soul, you are wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14 MSG)


Although God designed us to have a perfect relationship with Him, we alienated ourselves from Him and each other by giving in to selfish desire and disobedience.

When we fail to reflect the image of God perfectly, it is called sin. Sin not only breaks God’s heart, it breaks the relationship with God in a way that cannot be repaired by even our best efforts to be good or our strong-willed determination.

Unfortunately, sin has separated every person who has ever lived from God, and we are helpless on our own to do anything about it. Only God Himself could repair this broken relationship with humanity, so that is what He did.


God sent His own son, Jesus, to pay for our overwhelming debt with His life. Jesus took the punishment for our sin upon Himself on the cross so that those who put their faith in Him could be forgiven, healed and restored!

We believe that anyone can receive this free gift if they only are willing to:

  • Admit that your relationship with God is broken beyond anything you can do to repair it – It’s like saying Sorry.
  • Believe that Jesus has the power to forgive your debt and trust Him to do so – Or, like asking Please forgive me.
  • Live with gratitude.  After we’ve been forgiven it’s good to say Thank You!  There are two main ways we do that. 1.) Turn away from your old life daily and turn towards God to begin the process of growing into the person God intended you to be.  Leave behind the old way of serving yourself and experience the fulfilling life He has for you.  2.) Share with others that Jesus has repaired YOU and will do the same for anyone who desires it.  Let others know!

Have Questions?

We want to walk with you on your faith journey, so if you feel far from God or need prayer, please contact one of our pastors who would love to assist you or a family member take your next faith step.

Dave McGurk, Assoc. Pastor
Phone: 209-723-0491

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